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Checking in

I've had a rough winter so the sexy stuff went on the back burner. Now that this winter is finally over, I'm baaaaack!

The BF will be out of town for a week starting tomorrow *sniff*, so I'm thinking this would be a great time to drive myself nice and crazy. Ideas, anyone?

Hi again :) Happy to hear from you!

Hi all. I am very happy about the feedback of my last post. I even hope to make some internet friends! Maybe even from the country I am from. I just wanted to say that I am very happy that I wrote here :) I Love that site :)
Karolina :)



And... Now for something completely different.

First of all sorry for this being a little off topic.

One of my other major very likeable sexual flavours is the is one of distraction.

Here is an example. A person preferably female must try to ignore sexual stimulation while attempting to complete a task. To watch this battle play out over a lengthy period is something to behold. Watching this induces breathlessness and very wet patches in my case and as I am and have been orgasm free for the past few weeks means that viewing this activity can leave me in a sweet little unsettled mess.

Newbie. Looking for a domme.

Hi everyone!

Lurking here for quite some time, but only recently an important event encouraged me to write something here.
After few years of intense relationship it came to rather abrupt end. My dominant GF and I split up and... well, long story short it's not so easy for me - y'know, after few years of naive feelings (we first met when I was in my mid-teens!) and rather crazy time together, I can't see to trust anyone easily, especially after how it ended. But I need a rebound. Badly.

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feather light

I ran across this video -- it's short, but I really love the eager twitching at the end....

I wish someone would f@&^ with my mind... er 'pussy' like that. >^_^<


~J. E.

Need a some1 to tell me when to pee?

im really into holding my pee cuz it gets me horny and i start touching myself everywhere except on my vagina and it just feels good. I always go ahead and pee whenever i cant take it anymore but now i want to take it to the next level and have someone else tell me when to pee and if i have to edge and things like that and if i pee when they dont tell me,i get a punishment. So,im open for anyone to do this for me :

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I'm doing three edges before bed.

I lay in bed, flat on my back, sheet pulled up to my neck. My hands caressed my sides as they slowly traced the curves of my body. Lightly my finger tips brushed over the light protrusion of my pelvic bone. My cunt clinched in response, it had been a long time since my hands had visited. I could feel the tingles calling out to my fingers. Moisture stirring inside, as those fingers moved down to my inner thigh. My legs spread almost automatically in response to the close proximity of my hands. My fingers brushed outward, away from my wanting cunt. Quickly down the inside of my thighs.

The Game... Continued.

Yes, I haven't disappeared. I'm replying to comments here and explaining my absence.


I don't mind ice... But I find it very hard to get off after applying it to sensitive areas. It could be cruel punishment if the said person didn't want me to get aroused.

And thank you for my edge :). I used my vibrator on the highest setting for yours. I was moaning, shaking, humping the plastic... Whimpering when it was pulled away. I guess I have... 9 edges just from the sentences?


Day 1 of female denial

This is day 1 of my female denial and I just got done masurbating until I felt like I really had to pee and I had to keep my legs closed for a couple minutes cuz I felt like I was gonna squirt out a river lol.now I just need somebody to tell me when to edge and everything like that.ima try and hold it for a week hopely. so wish me luck.i do have a question.after u masturbate,if you have to really pee,how do u know its pee and not ejaculant?

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