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Female Tease of the Day 20

1) Get either a smooth chopstick or a plain wooden pencil

2) You may rub just the sides of your clit upward and downward as many times as you like, but count the strokes.

3) For every stroke you counted you must snap the pencil or chopstick directly against your clit.

4) You may repeat steps 2 and 3 as much as you like.

5) No orgasms allowed. You may not cum

Female Tease of the Day 19

1) Get your favorite pillow, bunch it up and straddle it.

2) Tease your self using your favorite toy or your fingers.

3) You may edge only by stopping the stimulation from step 2, and grinding against the pillow.

4) Repeat steps 1-3 five times.

5) If you want to edge more you must wait at least on hour, but no more touching your sex. Just your breasts and nipples until the hour has past.

Two female edging videos

Two hot videos of a girl bringing her clit to twitching edges, then putting her panties back in place, and ending it without releasing that hot aching tension in her swollen clit.



sexy edging video


she is sweet also =)
she edges many times during a day in different outfits wit a vibrator, and then orgasms in the end.
She seams very happy about it , and happy to share

Female Tease of the Day 18

1) Make fast circles over your clit for just 30 seconds.

2) Take a 30 second break.

3) Repeat step one for a full minute

4) Take a one minute break.

5) Keep increasing the time intervals in 30 second intervals until you get to three minutes.

6) If you get to the edge, stop. Spread your legs and hump at the air until you calm down.

7) Start over at step 1, but use your favorite method of playing with yourself.

8) You may stop when you reach five edges. You may not cum today.

Female Tease of the Day 10

1) Get your favorite toy(s) if any.
2) Use them or your hands to get to the edge as quickly as possible, then stop.
3) Close your eyes and relish all the erotic thoughts that went through your mind for at least one minute.
4) Use those same toys or your hands to get your self to the edge as SLOWLY as possible and then stop before you cum.
5) repeat step 3 and write your thoughts down somewhere private.
6) An hour or two later, read your notes.
Repeat steps 4 and 2 in that order.

Female Tease of the Day 9

1. Make fast, hard circles on your clit with your finger until you reach the edge of an orgasm.
2. Rest while rubbing your nipples
3. Make fast circles more lightly until you edge again.
4. Rest while rubbing your nipples
5. Make fast circles as lightly as possible. If you cannot edge from this, start from step 1.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach 5 edges from step 5.

No orgasms allowed.

Female Tease of the Day 8

Before beginning you are reminded that you may not have an orgasm.

1. Play with your nipples how ever you like for one minute.
2. Rest your finger on your clit, but do not move it for one minute
3. Make slow circles on your clit for one minute one minute.
4. Use two fingers to move inside you for one minute.
5. Make fast circles over your clit for one minute.

You may not have an orgasm. If you find your self near the edge, stop. Wait five minutes and start again.

Female Tease of the Day 6

Begin by writing "I am so horny" somewhere on your body. It doesn't matter where or with what. Only you will know it is there.

You may touch yourself as much as you want, however you want, and use whatever toys you want. But only for one minute at a time. After that minute is up, you must wait at least five minutes before doing so again.

And remember, you may not cum today.

Remember, you are SO horny.

Female Tease of the Day

1. Caress your breasts, sides and thighs as lightly as you can for two minutes.
2. Spread your labia with two fingers and hump at the air for two minutes.
3. Stroke your clit up and down as slowly as you can 30 times.
4. Use two fingers or your favorite dildo to fuck yourself for 30 strokes, as slowly or quickly as you want.

Repeat 2-4 until you edge. Use step 1 as a break.
Edge at least 5 times today following this method.
And, as usual, you may not have an orgasm.

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